The Bowsher Athletic Hall of Fame has been instituted in order to recognize Bowsher Alumnus, Citizen Contributor’s, and Retired Bowsher Athletic Staff Members who have supported the Bowsher Athletic Program.

Qualifications for Alumnus:

  1. Graduated from BHS for at least 10 years,
  2. Must have demonstrated good citizenship as a student and as an alumnus
  3. Must have distinguished him/herself on a statewide, regional or local basis; of received recognition by a college or university; or established a Bowsher athletic record that is current at the date of application.

Qualification for Citizen Contributor to Bowsher:
The candidate must have demonstrated outstanding citizenship and have given time, effort, or other contributions to the community or Bowsher and/or the Athletic Department.

Retired Bowsher Athletic Staff Member:
The Candidate must be a distinguished retired coach, trainer, or equipment manager. Years of Service, quality of service, and overall record will all be taken into consideration.

Posthumous Awards are eligible for Nominations.